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How does RealChoice TV compare to Satellite or Cable?

  • Real Choice TV includes all the channels and LOCALS you expect TV to have.
  • No Contracts.
  • No Credit Checks.
  • Multi-Platform Viewing options
  • RealChoice TV INCLUDES 3 devices/rooms with HD, DVR and Catch-Up with every subscriber!
  • No Fees. The advertised price with many of the big TV providers, is not usually the final number that your customers will pay. Fees usually show up at the last second when they’re signing up for cable/satellite service. This alone will add 20-$30/mo.)
  • No equipment to install.
  • No Truck Rolls! Because there is no equipment on site at your customers’ home, there is no
    reason for a service call because of TV.

How does RealChoice TV compare to OTT streaming options? (Sling, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, etc.)

  • LOCALS! Local Sports, TV the way your customers are used to it. Not one of the OTT Streaming options have all of your local Big 4 affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX).
  • All the content of legacy TV services. Content and Retransmission agreements restrict which programs and channels are allowed to go over the top of the public internet (OTT). Just because a Streaming service has a specific channel doesn’t mean that all the programs on that channel will come through. Some channels simply blackout programs in order to comply.
  • DVR and Catch-Up! Some Streaming services offer DVR…but NONE offer Catch-Up!
  • Picture Quality! Because we deliver through a private connection to your network, we can control quality. OTT solutions are at the mercy of how many ‘Hops’ their signal may make “over
    the top” before it lands at the end user through your network. This usually results in buffering or picture quality issues such as never scaling to HD.
  • Number of concurrent streams available. Most Streaming solutions limit the number of devices you can view on at the same time. With RealChoice TV we give everyone 3 devices…but your
    customers can add as many more as they’d like.
  • Legal! We’re not calling anyone out…but if a Streaming service is offering 500 channels for $20/mo. …it’s too good to be true. (Either that or you’ll be watching channels from Russia and
    the Arabia Peninsula.)