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Wholesale IPTV for ISPs, MDUs and Resellers Great Margins. Call Sales: 801-903-2822 | End User Support: 844-565-6488

Call 801-903-2822 or email for an onsite demo!


Give your customers higher speed broadband (~1 Gb/s) bundled with a television service that provides all the great features of cable TV, with none of the headaches.

With RealChoice TV there are no cables, and no truck rolls–just great entertainment available within minutes of moving in, which are delivered over a fast and reliable connection. Billing and customer service are responsive and intuitive–no waiting for the cable guy, no set top boxes to ship back, no ugly rooftop dishes

 Modern Living Room Interior



  • Improved property value achieved through the increased annual revenue and EBITDA per unit.

           – Example: 200 units = increase of up to 3 million/year in property value

  • Increased revenue generation by providing the best revenue sharing opportunity on the market for multiple services including broadband and television.
  • Much higher speed internet (fiber).
  • Much improved television service with hundreds of channels, which can be viewed on various devices.
  • Your branding, your content, your message to your customers.

          – Own-brand menu with channels for promotions and advertising. 

          – Direct communication with all viewers by placing messages on every device used to watch television.

  • Contract buy-outs and infrastructure build outs available in some MDU situations.


Call 801-903-2822 or email

 for an onsite demo!